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Explore many benefits of utilizing an Eden Electrical engineering company, Eden Electrical engineering is an Electrical engineering company based in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa, focusing in electrical maintenance and repairs services . Electrical engineering plays a vital role in the development of the city and country as whole, and having access to the services of a reliable, experienced electrical engineering firm is essential. We will look at the advantages of working with this company, including their expertise in the field, their commitment to safety, and the cost savings they can provide. We also offer Electrical lighting services and equipment installation..

As we look at the challenges of relying on an outside company, such as the potential for increased cost and the need for extra time to complete projects and Electrical project and assert care. We offer our customers advice on Mining electrical equipment maintenance and repair and how to get the most out of their electrical engineering experience in Johannesburg, Gauteng and whole of South Africa. We offer better understanding of the advantages and challenges of Boiler making and general welding and employing an electrical engineering company in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. You will be better equipped to make the decision of whether or not to utilize our services and be confident in your choice.

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The Advantages of Choosing a Professional Electrical Engineering Company

  • Comprehensive Electrical Services:
  • Experienced and Qualified Staff:
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Professional Advice

Hydraulics and traction passenger lifts, and goods lifts service.

We install, repair and service goods and passenger lifts. We do upgrades at reasonable and negotiable prices. Parts available

It's difficult to tell what type of elevator you're riding unless you can see the mechanics at work behind the scenes. For example, Eden Electrical Engineering offers a variety of elevator types, including traction and hydraulic systems, but riders are unlikely to notice a difference. There are various elevator types for a reason. Some are better suited to smaller structures, while others are intended for high-rise transportation. Here's our breakdown of traction elevators vs. hydraulic elevators, two of the most common systems used in commercial buildings today.


The primary distinction between traction and hydraulic elevators is how the cab is transported. Traction elevators raise and lower the cab using traction steel ropes or belts on a pulley system. Traction elevators, as opposed to hydraulic systems:

1. It consumes less energy.
2. Serve mid- to high-rise structures
3. Smoother ride
4. A counterweight is used in traction elevators to balance the weight of the cab and occupants. Because the motor does not have to move as much weight with this design, it is much more energy efficient than hydraulic systems.

The most common type of elevator is a traction elevator. They are either geared or gearless, and are powered by either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) electrical motors.

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Eden Electrical Engineering, Mining & Supplies And Boiler Making.

Eden electrical engineering is South African registered company specialising in electrical engineering, mining supplies and boiler making, caters both domestic and international market with a full range of quality products.

A Full Range of Electrical Services

Highly experience Electrical Engineering contractors in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. We cater for mining supplies and mining equipment maintenance and repair. The company provide for boiler making needs and general industrial welding. Our prices and terms of contract are negotiable to suit our client’s needs. All our works are guaranteed..

We provide for once off and contract services. All works are done with qualified and experienced personal..

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